Tchah Sup Kim

Triangle Between Infinities, Tchah Sup Kim, 1976, Etching on Paper

Artist Timeline

1940    Born in Yanaguchi, Japan

1944    His family moves to Gyeongju, Korea
1963    B.A., College of Fine arts, Seoul National University

1976    M.F.A., Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

Solo Exhibitions

1976 Harriman College Gallery, Harriman, New York           
         Joseph Gallery, New York, New York

1977 Associated American Artists Gallery, New York, N.Y.

1978 Stowe Gallery, Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina, U.S.A.

1979 Space Gallery, Seoul

1984 Space Gallery, Seoul

1986 Iteza Gallery, Kyoto

1987 Hankuk Gallery, Seoul

1993 Gallery Hyundai, Seoul

2000 Gallery Won, Seoul

2001 AD& A Gallery, Osaka

2002 Kim Tchah-sup's Odyssey, Marronnier Art Center, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Seoul

2003 Lee Jung-sup Artist Award Exhibition. Chosun Daily Newspaper Gallery, Seoul

2007 Tong-In Auction Gallery, Seoul

2009 Lee In-Sung Artist Award Exhibition,  Mesena Hall, Daegu

2012 Gallery Hyundai, Seoul

2014  Soma Museum, Seoul

2016  Korea Society, New York

Group Exhibition

1967 5th Paris Biennial

1968 "68 Exhibition, Seoul

1969 A.G. Exhibition, Seoul            
         5th International Young Artists Exhibition, Tokyo

1971 11th San Paulo Biennial

1972 Print Exhibition, Florence            
         2nd International Print Biennial, Seoul

1973 International Artists Association Exhibition, Tokyo

1974 “Asia Today", Carpia, Italy

1975 Ford Foundation Grant Winners Exhibition, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn

1976 “Young American Printmakers", Pratt Graphics Center, New York

         Davidson National Print and Drawing competition, Davidson, North Carolina

         34th Audubon artists Annual Exhibition, National Academy of Science, New York, Boston Printmakers Exhibition, Visual Arts Center            

         11th National Print Exhibition,  Silvermine Guild of Artists, New Canaan, Connecticut

1977 Exposure'77, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn            
National Print, Drawing and Photography Show, 2nd Street Gallery, Charlottesville, Virginia,                

         Korean Contemporary Painting Invitational, National Museum of Art, Gwachun

         Aquisitions'73-'76, Museum of Modern Art,  New York, N.Y.
         30 Years of American Printmaking, Brooklyn Museum, N.Y.           

         25th National Exhibition of Prints, Library of Congress, Washington

1979 “New Talent", Pratt Manhattan center, New York        
         "Recent Trends in American Printmaking", Mitchell Museum, Mt.Vernon, Illinois,   

          New Prints from Pratt, American Cultural Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

1980 National Print Exhibition, Silvermine Guild Artists, Connecticut

1981 22nd National Print Exhibition, Brooklyn Museum
         "Korean Drawing Now", Brooklyn Museum, N.Y.

1982 Print U.S.A.. Pratt Graphics Center, New York

1983 Contemporary Korean Painting, Sarah Lawrence College, New York

1984 Impact Art Festival, Kyoto, Japan

1985 "Perspective", Korean Cultural Service Gallery, New York

1986 Korea/New York 86 Thorpe Intermedia Gallery, Sparkhill, New York

1987 Group Show, June Kelly Gallery, New York
         "Korean Artists in New York", Gana Gallery, Seoul

1990 "Man and Nature", National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwachun
December show, Duk Won Gallery, Seoul
         "Generation of Turmoil", Total Museum, Seoul

          Anti-Nuclear Exhibition, Park Young Duk Gallery, Seoul

         "Young Artists Show", Whanki Museum, Seoul

1993 40 Years of Korean Printmaking, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwachun, Korea

1994 Dong-Hak Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

1995 "Six Artists from Korea", Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York
         "100 Korean Self Portraits Since the Chosun Dynasty", National Art Museum of Chungju, Korea

         "Revolution in Space", Korean Installation & Performance 1967-1995, City Museum, Seoul

         50 Years of Korean Modern Painting, Hanlim Gallery. Daejun, Korea

1997 "Pine Tree, Oh Pine Tree", Whanki Museum, Seoul

1999 Seoul National University Alumni Show, Pleiades Gallery, New York

         Whanki Collection Exhibition, Whanki Museum, Seoul

         "Confluence of Cultures", Korea Cultural Service, New York

2000 MANIF6! 2000, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2001 "A Decade of Transition and Dynamics", National Museum of  Contemporary          Art, Gwachun

         "A Revision of Korean Contemporary Art", Hanwon Museum, Seoul

2002 "Six Names in Painting", Canzi Gallery, Busan, Korea

2003 3 Artists in Korean Contemporary Art, World Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2004 "Declaration", 100 Artists for Peace, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwachun

2005 The 1st Pochun Asian Art Festival, Banwol Art Hall, Pochun, Korea

2006  Christi's Gallery, New York

          Korean Drawing, Korea Society Gallery, New York

         The Dream of Modern Korea: Images of Children, National Museum of Art, Deoksugung, Seoul

2007 "Mountain", API Gallery, New York

2008 Art Hampton. Bridgehampton, New York

20 Years of The Lee Joong Sup Award. Chosun News Gallery, Seoul

2009 Winter Selections, API Gallery, New York

         Friends, Wickiser Gallery, New York

        "Faces & Facts", Contemporary Korean Art in New York, Korean Cultural Service Gallery, NY

2010 Christie's, New York

2011 Friends, Wickiser Gallery, New York

         Christie's, New York

2012   Lee In-Sung Award Recipient Show-Lee In-Sung 100 Year Exhibition, Daeku

           Art Museum, Daeku

           "Dialogue in Kyungju-Bup Ko Chang Shin", Kyungju Art Center, Kyungju

            Pratt Icon 125 Online Exhibition, Pratt Institute, New York

2013    Coloring Time- An Exhibition from the Archive of Korean American Artist,                Gallery Korea, New York

            Powerful Gangwon Exhibition 2013, National Museum of Chun Cheon

            Inhabiting History-Portraiture, the Mirror of an Era, Jeonbuk Museum of Art

            Zeitgeist, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

2014   “Double Mirror”, Katzan Art Center, American University, Washington

2015   “Korea”: Contemporary Art from South & North Korea. Jorgensen Gallery, University of Connecticut, Conn.

2016   Whanki Museum Artist,  Whanki Museum, Seoul


2017   Title Match, The Song of My Generation, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

           Contemplative Space and Artist Note, Whanki Museum, Seoul

           ‘Post Modern, Real’,Seoul University Museum, Seoul

2018   30 Years of Lee Jung Sup award,  Chosen Newspaper Museum, Seoul

           Arirang  Grace, Hammond Museum, North Salem, New York


Honors and Awards

1974-76    John D. Rockefeller 3rd Fund Fellowship For Study at Pratt Institute

1975 Pratt Institute Studio Art Award, Ford Foundation

1976 John Taylor Arms Medal and Purchase Award in Graphics,
         34th Audubon Society Annual Exhibition, New York, N.Y.

1977 Purchase Award from Young American Printmakers Exhibition,
         Pratt Graphics Center, New York, N.Y.

         Purchase Prize from 25th National Print, Drawing and Photography Show, Richmond, Virginia,

2002 Artist of the Year Award, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Seoul

2003 Lee Jung-sup Award, Chosun Daily Newspaper, Seoul

2008 Lee In-Sung Award, Daegu Artists Association, Daegu


Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Museum of Modern Art, New York, N.Y.

Brooklyn Museum, New York, N.Y.

Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Richmond, Virginia

Chase Manhattan Bank Art Collection, New York, N.Y.

Audubon Society, New York, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller Collection, New York, N.Y.

Davidson College Art Collection, Davidson, North Carolina

Exxon Collection, New York

World Bank, Washington, D.C.

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwachun

Whanki Museum, Seoul

Hoam Museum, Seoul

Hanlim Museum, Daejun

Metropolitan Museum, New York, N.Y.

Korean National Assembly, Seoul

Foreign Affairs Magazine Collection of Art, Washington, D.C.

Cincinnati Museum, Ohio 

Albright Knox Contemporary Museum, Buffalo, New York

Flint Institute of Arts, Flint, Michigan

Janet Turner Print Museum, California State University, California

Harvard Art Museum/Fogg Museum, Boston

San Francisco Museum of Art, Legion of Honor, San Francisco, California

Nam June Paik Museum, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-Do