Tae Im Ha

Un Passage No. 181007, Tae Im Ha, 2018, Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Timeline

Ha Tae Im (1973~)


2012 Graduated The Course of Hong-Ik University. Fine Arts Philosophy

        Doctor(Ph.D) <Titled: A Paintry Dynamism Effect of Nonlinear C-pattern

        Composition used by Color Bands>

1998  Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (D.N.S.A.P)

1994  Ecole nationale des Beaux-Arts de Dijon (D.N.A.P)

1991  Graduated Seoul Sahmyook High School

Solo Exhibition (Total  25th)

2018   Gallery Joeun, Seoul

2018   Schema Art Museum, Chongju

2018   Gallery Ilho, Seoul

2017   Pyeongchang-dong Gana Art Center, Seoul

2016   ARoute Art Platform, Seoul

2016   Hansung Auto Gallery ‘Ha Tae Im’, Samsung Auto Gallery, Seoul

2015   Gallery soheon & soheon contemporary, Daegu

2015   Seoul Auction, Seoul

2014   Hankyung Gallery, Seoul

2014   Gallery Art & Summer, Busan

2013   Gana Contempoary, Seoul

2013   Ilho Gallery, Seoul

2012   INSA Art center, Seoul

2009   Gallery Artside, Beijing, China

2008   Gallery Franch-Made, Munich, Germany

2007   Cite International des Arts, Paris, France

2007   INSA Art center, Seoul

2006   Gallery Artside, Seoul

2005   Gallery Agio, Yangpyeong

2004   Cite International des Arts, Paris, France

2004   Gallery Artside, Seoul

2004   KAIST Grauate School of Management, Seoul

2000   Gallery Chosun, Seoul

1998   Gallery Simon, Seoul

1995   Gallery Jonlo. Seoul


Group Exhibition

2020        2020 Korea Galleries Art Fair, Coex, Seoul

               《Early spring picnic - Artist's house》, YEOJU ART MUSEUM, Gyeonggi


2019       ‘so pum rak hee - Thank you! 2019’, gallery Joeun, Seoul

               ‘Mobsi’ Exhibition Charity Auction, gallery Rolland, Seoul

               ‘Il Mare e L’Isola della corea’ Istituto Culturale Coreano in Italia, Roma

               ‘Drawing of Intuition’ RE:PLAT, Seoul

               ‘3rd Art supermarket’ Insa Art center, Seoul

               ‘Korean woman artist mother and daughter’, Topohaus, Seoul

               ‘Korea-India Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition’, ChangWon

               ‘Trip to the Leap’, Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul

               ‘Gana Art Park (JangHeung atelier) open studio’ Gyeonggi

               ‘Art Busan’ Haeundae baxco, busan


2018         ‘Quid Pro Quo’, crossing art, New York

                 ‘100 ALBUMS 100 ARTISTS’-KPOP, Avenuel Art Hall, Seoul

                 ‘Dog: Painting, Full, Blossom’, Gallery Marie, Seoul

                 2018 Korea Galleries Art Fair, Coex, Seoul

                 ‘Gana Art Park (JangHeung atelier) open studio’ Gyeonggi

                 ‘Art project SAEK+KKI’, studio KKi, Paju

                 ‘KIAF’(Korea International Art Fair)2016, Coex, Seoul


2017       Chang Ucchin 100th Anniversary Exhibition ‘100 Artists Media façade’, Chang Ucchin Museum of Art Yangju City, Yangju

               Seoul Art Show 2017, Coex, Seoul

               ‘Real landscape of Korea- Dokdo & Ulleungdo’,Seoul Art Center, Seoul

               ‘One space Four sences’, Gallery Ilho, Seoul

               Thank You! 2017, Gallery Joeun, Seoul

               Spoon Art Show 2017, Kintex, Gyeonggi-do

               ‘Media Art In Ulsan’, Ulsan Culture Art Center, Ulsan

              The 13th CIGE 2017(China International Gallery Expo), National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing

              ‘100 ALBUMS 100 ARTISTS’, Avenuel Art Hall, Seoul

             ‘Rise in color’, Kyobo Artspace, Seoul


2016    ‘KIAF’(Korea International Art Fair)2016, Coex, Seoul

            Thank You! 2016, Gallery Joeun, Seoul

            640 Art Tower Opening Exhibition, 640 Art Tower, Seoul

           2016 Korea-India Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, Art Company GIC,Seoul

           2016 Asia Hotel Art Fair, JW Marriott Hotel, Seoul

           'DOKDO 五感圖' special exhibition, Art Museum Knu, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul

           Korea Galleries Art Fair, Coex, Seoul


2015   Look Motifs Exhibition for the PyeongChang 2018, DDP, Seoul

           ‘KIAF’(Korea International Art Fair) 2015, Coex, Seoul

           2015 Art travel-4 Winter Project 'Thinking Light', Yangpyeong Museum of art, Yangpyeong

           Celebrate the birth of snoopy 65th Exhibition with World vision, Avenuel, Seoul

           2015 Oceanus K-ART “110 anniversary of the Red Cross”,

           Oceanus Arthall, Busan

           Gana foundation for art& culture, Seoul auction, Seoul

           Spring Waltz’ Exhibition, Gallery Superior, Seoul

           ‘Bling Bling’ Exhibition, Art Factory, Heyri

           Exhibition ‘Collabo’, Kotra, Seoul

           ‘I Dream’ Charity Exhibition with World vision, Avenuel, Seoul


2014   2014 Seoul Art Show ‘ Made in Korea’, Coex, Seoul

           Dong-A University Founded 68 Anniversary Exhibition ‘Extension of the recognition’, Seokdang Museum of art, Busan

           ‘Color Band with a trio’ Exhibition, CSP111 artspace, Seoul

           ‘Paintian’ Exhibition, Ara Art Center, Seoul

           2014 Gana Atelier Resident Artists Report Exhibition, Insa Art Center Jangheung Art Park, Jangheung

           SahmYook University 1st Alumni Exhibition, Gana Art Space, Seoul

           ‘The harmony of colors and Think’ Exhibition, Gallery Lee&Bae, Busan

           ‘COUCOU Paris’ Exhibition, Art space K, Seoul

           ‘Small is Beautiful’, Ganaart, Busan

           Exhibition ‘Hommage a Whanki’, Whanki Museum, Seoul

           Art Show Busan 2014, BEXCO, Busan

           Exhibition ‘Cool Running’ with Vornado, Lotte Gallery, Seoul

           Exhibition ‘Hataeim’ with Vornado Collaboration, Gallery Puple, Seoul


2013   ‘Contemporary Art of Korea with 33Artists’Exhibition, Gandong

           Arts Center, Seoul

2013 SETEC Seoul Art Show, SETEC, Seoul

         ‘Hataeim& Johyunsun’ Exhibition, Palais de Seoul, Seoul

         Contempoary Art Exhibition of INDIA& KOREA ‘Amma Umma’,

         India international centre New Delhi, India

         Seoul Media Square ‘Hataeim’, Seoul Media Square, Seoul

         CNB ‘Help Children boost childhood cancer’, Jean Gallery, Seoul

         Korea Galleries Art Fair, Coex, Seoul

         2013 Taehwa River Eco Art Festival, Taehwa-river, Ulsan

         An Indo Korean Connect ‘The Spirit of Forms’, Korean Cultural Center, India

        Text· Painting· Human, Gallery K, Seoul

        Hansung Auto Gallery ‘Ha Tae Im’, Seocho Auto Gallery, Seoul

        ‘Where again somewhere like the wind’, Gallery Superior, Seoul

        Gallery Artchill World Trade Park Art show, Indo

        LEE Dooshik:Expression, Color & Abstract, Hongik museum of art, Seoul

        ‘No. 3 of 33 Artists’, CSP111 Art Space, Seoul

        Exhibition 2013 New Year, Gallery K, Seoul


2012   15th Bangladesh Biennale, Shilpakala Academy, Bangladesh

          Casals Festival in Korea 2012, L’Institut Francais in Korea, Seoul

          ‘K Art Star- Beauty Festival’, Hankyung Gallery, Seoul

          ‘11 Artists with the MACALLAN’, Gallery Artside, Seoul

          ‘Painter’s Chair’, Insa Art Center, Seoul

          ‘Color Symphony’, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

          ‘ART FORTE- on the Blue’, Ganaart, Busan

          ‘Family’ Exhibition, Yangpyeong Museum of art, Yangpyeong

          Wilton Contest Korea 2012 with a painter’s cake, Coex, Seoul

          Art therapy for children without disabilities disability Festival, Jangheung Art Park, Jangheung

         Love is all around, Jangheung Art Park, Jangheung

         Smart Eye, Superior Gallery, Seoul

         Healing Camp- Gana Atelier Resident Artists Report Exhibition, Gana Art Center, Jangheung Art Park, Jangheung

        'If you close your eyes…'- Kia Motors & Beacon Gallery, Kia Teheranro, Seoul

        Art for Interior by Seoul Auction, Hyundai Department Store (Apgujeong),                Seoul       

       Korea-India: Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibiton, Indian Cultural Center, Gallery AW,Seoul  

       Korea Galleries Art Fair, Coex, Seoul

       'Thank you! 20x20', Gallery Mano, Seoul

       3rd We believe HAITI, Seoul Auction, Seoul


2011   Art Forte, Gana Art Center, Seoul

           8th Variance Exhibition, Palais de Seoul, Seoul

           Art Gwangju, Gwangju

          ‘KIAF’(Korea International Art Fair), Coex, Seoul

          ‘Trans-5’: Curator Project, Hongik museum of art, Seoul

          'Colorful Heart', Hanbit Media Gallery, Seoul

          Inaugural Exhibition, Gallery Woong, Korea


2010    G20 Seoul Summit Celebration Exhibition for The Korean Fine Arts,

           National Assembly Library. Seoul

          ‘KIAF’(Korea International Art Fair), Coex, Seoul

          Yeosu International Art festival, Yeosu, Korea

          Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai

          “Color x Art x Play x 2”, Museum Goyang SPART Complex & Park

          “12th Cutting Edge”, Seoul Auction, Seoul

          “My Room My Atelier”, Gana Art Center, Seoul

          “Color & Stripe”, Jangheung Art Park, Korea

          Sun Gallery 33rd Anniversary Exhibition, Seoul

          “Play and Art Friends” Jangheung Art Park, Korea

           7th Variance Exhibition, Gallery Cerestar, Seoul

          Feel the color of the senses travel”, Jangheung Art Park, Korea

          2010 Design Korea in Hannam, Hannamdong & Coex, Seoul

         “Sun-Set-Rise”, CSP111 Art Space, Seoul


2009    “Zhuangzi and Butterfly”, Gallery Gana Art Busan, Korea

            Chromatic accompanied”, Insa Art Center, Seoul

           “Yeouido” Exhibition celebrates 55th anniversary of the founding development bank, Seoul

           “Spring Comes”, Gallery Gainlo, Seoul


2008    “Merry Colorful Abstraction”, Gallery Artside, Seoul

            25th lnaugural Exhibition of Gana Art Center, Seoul

            “Generation Sympathy”, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Korea

            “Why? Abstract Art!”, Ugegil Art Museum, Korea

            Inaugural Exhibition Kumho Culture House Space, Korea

            Avenuel Lotte, Busan, Korea

            “The Fashion”, Sejung Art Gallery, Busan, Korea

            5th Variance Exhibition, Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul


2007    Chicago Art Fair, Chicago

            KIAF(Korea International Art Fair), Coex, Seoul

            Seoul Art Fair, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul


2006   “Painting with the Eyes” KT Sponsoring Paris Project

           SIAC – Kangnam Art-Fair – Coex

           “Wanting to have the artist pictures”Exhibition, Dr Park Gallery,Korea

           New World Art Fair – “Purple Cake”Exhibition, Seoul

           “Korean Art 100 men” Exhibition, Namsong Art Center, Gapyeong

           “Energy of Color”, Avenuel Lotte, Seoul

           3th Variance Exhibition, Hankook Ilbo Gallery, Seoul

           “Hi · Phdc”, Gallery Ho, Seoul

2005     L'ADFE Korean Present 'NamNamPoukNyo' Exhibition,

             “Nam Nam Buk Nyu”, Gana Gallery "Forum Space", Seoul

             Osaka Art Fair, Osaka, Japan

             "HERATELIER", Seoul

             "2005 LOTTE ART FAIR ", Busan

            Modern Art today, Galerie Gainlo. Seoul

            “Pictures of people talking Namhangang”, Gallery Agio, Korea


2004    “Cutting Edge”, Seoul Auction, Seoul

            “Parallex and the direction of the wind” Exhibition, Insa Art Center

            Manife Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul


2003    “INTRO” Exhibition, Gallery In, Seoul

            “CUBE&TUBE” French Culture Center, Seoul

            “AL Project”, Chongshin University Library, Seoul

     “Nature and Ecology” Exhibition, Yangpyeung Museum of Art.


2002    ‘In the Han River to the Rhine’, Gallerie Forum, Wiesbaden, Germany

     The skill of Modern Art, the vestige Exhibition, Yeulin Gallery, Busan

     “PARIS-SEOUL” Maison des Methalo, Paris

             Paris, Korea – 2002 Young Artist 9 people Gallery Liz, The South Seas

             “South River People” Yangpyong Museum of Art For the new navigation Young adults Art Exhibition

             Stopped and in everyday’, Gallery Rose, Gyeonggi-do


2001    The world’s “water” Exhibition, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul

            Project Dream, Conte, Museum, Jonwon Gallery, Korea

            MANIF SEOUL ART FAIR, Seoul Art center, Seoul

            Inaugural Exhibition of kyoungki Art Fondation center 

            '5 Artistes', Gallery Agio, Yangpyoung, Korea

            '10artists with Collection Doctor Park' Collection Doctor Park, Korea


2000     Busan International Art-Fair, Busan, Korea

             “South River People” Gallery Agio, Yangpyeung

             “+-“ Exhibition Gallery Yukyung, Seoul

             Invitational Exhibition 'Paris', Dol Art center, Seoul

             Inaugural Exhibition of Art Yangpyoung Museum of Art, Korea


1999    Monaco Art Fair, Monaco

            "Salon de Montrouge", France

            "Salon de Mai" (Espace Eiffel Branly), Paris

            Chungdam Art Fair, Galerie Chosun, Seoul

            'Bonjour 2000', Seoul press Center-Seoul Galerie, Seoul

            Jeunes Peintre Coéens à Paris, Centre culturel Coréen, Paris

            Jeunes Peintre Coéens à Paris, Galerie Gana-Baeubourg, Paris


1998    Cheongdam Art Fair, Simon Gallery, Seoul

            Gallery Gauche, Paris

            Salon de Mai, Espas Eiffel Branly, Paris


-Above and several more Group Exhibition and Preview


1999   33e Prix International d'Art Contemporain de Monte-Carlo

            Hommage à CESAR (Prix de la ville de MONACO)

Public Collection

Seoul Museum of Art, National Museum of Contempoary Art(Art Bank), MONACO Museum of Comtemporary Art, Museum Amorepacific, Samsung Electronics, Samyang Corporation, LG Electronics, DooSan Group, Korean Drug , Byucksan Engineering, Green Cross Corporation, Capella Hotel Singapore, Seoul Administrative Court, Avison Biomedical Research Center in Yensei University Health System, Blueheron CC, Magog Lotte Castle, Seoul Eastern District Court