Sang Gon Chung

Re-Reading Landscape 5441 & 5443, by Sang Gon Chung, 2012, Oil on Canvas. Diptych

Artist Statement 

As a printmaker and classically trained painter, Korean artist Sanggon Chung creates dramatic, organic landscapes that exist at the border of the fictional and the real. The specific landscape he paints is less relevant; rather his intention is to portray an experiential, humanistic and historical perspective. This gives each viewer a unique and subjective experience.

The creative process for Chung is an extremely sensory one, with the brush acting as an extension of his body and his emotions. Masterly brush strokes flesh out thick, textural swathes of paint. The vitality and energy of these strokes echoes that found in nature, from the smallest blades of grass through to more grandiose thick fleshy leaves and tumbling water falls. His paintings reflect Chung’s experiential way of life aperspectives. nd become a materialisation of his senses. His atelier itself is surrounded by nature, and he draws inspiration from his time within it. Forms flow organically from him, working on a table instead of at an easel, sketching out lines first with a pencil and moving physically over the canvas and around the table. This allows for him to work close to the surface in a way not possible if the work were vertical, providing him with different

This creates a work that is both accidental and intentional – various ratios of paint and solvents create myriad shiny surfaces, making parts of the canvas appear wet. Strong, fast brushstrokes create colours that are swirled and split, an organic surface that reminds us of mountains, rocks, waterfalls, trees and grass, a psychedelic scene that conveys humidity, wind and the scent of the woods. Chung gathers the emotions that nature elicits in him and flings them onto the canvas. He finds a way in which to excavate the two-dimensionality of the canvas and probe the great depths of profound emotion that can be found in the aw-inspiring power of nature. (2015)

KASHYA HILDEBRAND / Gallerist, London


Artist Timeline

Sang Gon Chung (11. Jan. 1963)


2008    Ph.D Candidate, Visual Culture Study, Korea University, Korea

1991 MFA, Painting, Seoul National University, Korea

1987 BFA, Painting, Seoul National University, Korea

Present: Professor, Dong Seoul University, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 Minuscape, Forest6 Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2018    Minuscape, Kunst One, Seoul, Korea

2017 Minuscape, Tong-In Auction Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2017 Minuscape, Cyart Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2016 Minuscape, Samtoh Gallery, Korea

2016 Skin Deep, Gallery3, Korea

2015 Skin Deep, Haslla Museum, Korea

2014 Skin Deep, Imazoo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2013 Skin Deep, Lee Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2013 Skin Deep, Samtoh Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012 Skin Deep: Re-reading Landscape, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011 Re-reading Landscape, Gallery bd, Gyeonggi, Korea

2010 Re-reading Landscape, Gallery GASAN, Gyeonggi, Korea

2009 Minuscape, Cyart Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2008 Quotation-Reading, Folio Gallery, Lubbock, TX, USA

2006 Quotation-Reading, Topohaus, Seoul, Korea

2006 ACC Gallery, Fort Lee, NJ, USA

2006 Quotation, Gallery Andante, Seoul, Korea

2004 Dark Sea, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

2004 Quotation, Gallery 21+Yo, Tokyo, Japan

2003 Quotation-Reading, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2003 Quotation, Seoul Print Art Fair, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2001 Quotation-My Daily Life…, Gallery Wooduk, Seoul, Korea

1999 Phenomenon, Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1999 MANIF SEOUL ’99, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

1997 Radiation-Phenomenon, Icon Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1996 Radiation, Boda Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1994 Radiation, Icon Gallery, CITY, Korea

1993 Radiation -Painting & Drawing, Pyo Gallery, CITY, Korea

1993 Korea Art Fair, Seoul Arts Center Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1992 Radiation - Painting & Lithograph, Sinsegae Gallery, Korea

1991 Ventilation, Sagak Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1990 M.F.A Thesis Show, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Spatial Transformations (Studio Anise, Soho, NY)

2018 Geological Stratum of Outskirts Haeum Museum of Art

2017 Layers & Spaces National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

2017  Korean Contemporary Art in New York, MOKAH Museum, NY

2017 Painting Spirit Gallery Dongduk, Korea

2017 Nature Attitude, AnC Gallery, Korea

2016 Dedication, Hakgojae Gallery, Korea

2016 Red, Gallery Marron, Korea

2015 Korea Galleries Art Fair 2015, Keumsan Gallery, Korea

2015 The Winners - Tallinn Print Triennial, Vilnius Graphic Art Centre, Estonia

2015 Spheres of TAO, Far East Graphics, Poland

2015 Scope miami 2014, Kashya Hilderbrand Gallery

2014 Nowhere Land, Gallery3, Korea

2014 Making Print : Print Making, KDB Artscape, Korea

2013 Makers in Print, Inova Gallery, CITY, USA

2012 Korean Contemporary Artists, Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012 Printmaking and Communication, Gyeonghuigung Annex Building of the Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2012 The Big Ones, International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2011 Yangpyeong Eco Art Festival 2011, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Korea

2011 A Global Mail Art Collaboration: For Love Not Money, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

2010 KIAF, Gallery Gasan, Kumsan Gallery, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2010 Two Folds Of Negatives - Against Clarity, Gallery Chosun, Seoul, Korea

2010 SOAF, Gallery Gasan, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2009 Interpret Inter-Print, Gallery IX, Budapest, Hungary

2009 Coner to Coner: Urban Poster Explosion, Columbia College, Chicago, IL, USA

2006 Dual Scenery, Artcom Center, Grand Ave, Palisades Park, NJ, U.S.A

2006 MediaEdge, From the Movable Image, Sadi Space Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2005-08 Seoul Print, TopoHaus, Moran Gallery, CYART Gallery, Korea

2004 Beyond the Digital Surface, Ewha Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2004 Umbra, Yooartspace, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2003 The Vague Scene, Yoo Art Space, Seoul, Korea

2001 Je Ju Wetland Art, Sejong Gallery, Je Ju Island, Korea

2000 Hello! Art, Hello! Computer, helloart.com Gallery, Korea

2000 Landscape and Place, Gyeonggi Cultural Center, Gyeonggi, Korea

1999 Korean Contemporary Printmaking, National Museum of Printmaking, Marbella, Spain

1998-2008 The Spirit of Painting, Fine Art Center, Seoul Art Center, Moran Gallery etc, Korea

1998 Inter-Kontakt-Grafik, Inter-triennial of Prints, Prague, Czechoslovakia

1995 Human & Technology -Technology Art, Donga Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1994 Seoul-NYmAX medial -High Tech Art in Korea, Anthology film Archives, NY, USA

1994 Computer Printmaking, Chung Nam Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1992 The Cross Section of the Korean Contemporary Painting, Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1993 The 40 Years of Korean Contemporary Printmaking, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

1990 Edition-50, Printmaking in Daily Life, Shinseagae Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1989-91 PRINT MEDIA, Total Gallery, Sonamu Gallery, Kwan Hoon Gallery etc, Korea

1989 Logos & Patos, Kwan Hoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Selected Awards

2018 Novosibirsk International Triennial of contemporary graphic art 2018 (Russia) Grand Prix

2007 International Prints Triennial Oldenburg (Germany) Prize of City of Mayor of Oldenburg

2007    14th Tallinn Print Triennial, (Estonia) 3 Equal Prize

2004 13th Tallinn Print Triennial, (Estonia) 3 Equal Prize

2000 Cracow International Prints Triennial, (Poland) Regular Prize.

1999 Ljubljana International Biennial of Graphic Art, (Slovenia) Grand Prize

1998 11th Tallinn Print Triennial, (Estonia) Grand Prize

1997 Cracow International Prints Triennial, (Poland) Regular Prize.

1996 Seoul International Prints Biennial, Purchase prize.

1992 Dong-A Fine Arts Festival, First Prize.

1990 Korean Contemporary Prints Public Subscription, First Prize.

1990 The 9th Korean Grand Arts Exhibition, Second Prize.

1990 Space International Miniature Prints Biennial, Grand Prize.

Selected Public Collections

Novosibirsk State Art Museum (Russia)

Jeju Museum of Art (Korea)

Park Soo Keum Museum (Korea)

Alive Jincheon Printmaking Museum (Korea)

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (Korea)

The National Museum of Contemporary Art (Korea)

Seoul Museum of Art (Korea)

Municipal Museum of Arts (Hungary)

The Korea Development Bank (Korea)

International Centre of Graphic Arts (Ljubljana)

The Art Museum of Estonia (Tallinn)

HanWhan Museum (Korea)

British Museum (Great Britain)