Nam Sook Kwon

Transmission, Nam Sook Kwon, Mixed Media

Artist Statement

The things that artists draw needs to have technique, but the spiritual status is also important. Every time I start to draw, always start with the Acacia tree in the wilderness.The drawing is the message and it shows my spiritual status in the spiritual stream that is unseen to the eye. As one meditates on the word, the spiritual summit, skill summit, and then the cultural summit will come. The culture of darkness will be won without fighting in the region of NY. Let the drawing become the light that will shine on others.

I am drawing the wilderness because our life is like the wilderness. A person without direction will live their life and will die in that place. If there is a future with a destination, then one can enjoy the path there. Constantly imagine yourself in the wilderness, like an Acacia tree that has been planted where there is nothing. It will grow into a strong tree and it is like how a person could also become strong alone. The ones who want a carefree life, good dreams, and a good vision cannot live in the world by themselves, but one day they will come out from the wilderness. If we have a vision for the future where we come out from the wilderness then it will become a place of happiness. I am not the one drawing the image, but it is what God wants to draw through me.


Artist Timeline

Nam Sook Kwon - BFA sejong University (Painting)

 Solo Exhibitions – 6 times

2019 Jul."The Covenant Journey.(NJ)

            2014 Nov. “The Color of healing” (PA)

            2014 Sep. “The healing” (NY)

            2012 Oct. “Acacia tree in the wilderness” (NY)

            2012 May.    “Blue heaven” (NJ)

            2012 Mar. “The covenant journey (NY)

Group Exhibitions – 200 times