Nam Joo Kim


Water, Moon, Mirror, Flower, Nam Joo Kim, Mixed Media

Mirror and I

"The mirror makes us ask fundamental questions and face ourselves."

The concept of mirror work is the conflict of time. In other words, images reproduced in the past create conflicts inside and outside the work, along with images that are now seen in the mirror. The dynamic mirror of three-dimensional space and the static confrontation of two-dimensional painting, going further back, repeats Narcissus' agony of wanting to possess his reflected image forever in the water.

The mirror is the window of truth and the object of the spear itself is naturally the object of destruction of the wall. It is only when I intentionally move that the spear can exist as a 'frame drawing the world in my own way'. Eventually, the view outside the window serves as a mirror that reflects our lives.

I break the wall of my mind, look at others beyond reality through my window and paint with a feeling of touching their minds. If you look at me there again, you can find another true me. So I start a conversation with myself in the mirror.

Hydrologic - The moon reflected in the water, flowers reflected in the mirror, and things that you can see but cannot be grasped by hand are pictured on the mirror. The silhouette of a woman standing in a graceful manner, another self-drawn from the depths of her long years, the mother of my mother, and the mother of her mother, dressed in flowers in her plain skirt.

A flower revolt

I hated flowers.
For those whom I don't even know their names.
to live
I've been painting flowers all day.
in a small office
a flowering afternoon
fell in love with flowers
I draw flowers again.
Now for me.
like a petal 
to fly

Artist Timeline

Nam Joo Kim joojoan@gmail.com


​1996   SVA, MFA of Fine Arts, New York

1992   Hong ik University, Master Degree of Fine Arts, Seoul

1990   Hong ik University, Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts, Seoul

Solo Exhibition

1999    “VOICELESS”, Studioventicinque , Milan, Italy

1998    “VOICELESS”, Noho Gallery, New York, New York

1996    School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York.

1993    Chung Nam gallery, Seoul

1991    Now Gallery, Seoul

Group Exhibition 

2019   NJ Seoul: New Art from the Korean Diaspora , Gallery Bergen in Paramus,NJ

2018   3rd.ETUDE "Life in America", Riverside gallery,NJ

2007   Fall Art Show for helping the poorest children with World Vision, ACC gallery, NJ

1998   “On the Threshold”, Generous Miracles Gallery, New York

1997   Group Show, Reggio Gallery, New York

1996   Dialogue-16 Variables Gallery, New York

1996   MFA Special Projects, Visual Arts Gallery, New York

1996   “Seams”  Open Studio, New York

1993   Chungnam in the early Spring, Chungnam Gallery, Seoul

1992   “Nature, Human and Art”, Sonamoo Gallery, Seoul

            “Sense & response”, Hansun Gallery, Seoul

             90’s Art, Course and Group, Chungnam Gallery, Seoul

1991   New Paragon, Na Gallery, Seoul

            Message & Media, Kwanhoon Gallery,Seoul

            Development and Extension Of Contemporary Art, Kum-Ho Gallery, Seoul


1990  The 9th Korea Art Grand Prize Exhibition, National Museum of Modern Art,Kwachon Gallery, Seoul

           Unwilling a Spring, Now Gallery, Seoul

           The 2nd Exhibition of Time & Space, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul

           The 3rd Union for the Tomorrow, Chungnam Gallery

           The 4th Union for the Tomorrow, Indeco Gallery

           “C-516”,Sonamoo Gallery, Seoul

           The Cupid, Gallery Doll, Seoul

           The Cupid, Gallery Fine, Seoul

           The Cupid, sonamoo Gallery, Seoul

1989  The 16th Independents Exhibition, National Museum of Modern Arts, Kwachon

           Contemporary Printmaking of Grand Exhibition, Fine Arts Center, Seoul


1990    Award of the Korea Art Grand Prize Competition, National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul

1989    Award of the National Univ. Art Competition, Seoul

1989    Award of the Contemporary Printmaking of Grand Prize Competition, Fine Arts Center, Seoul