Kyu Nam Han

Yangdong Village, Kyu Nam Han (Diptych) Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Artist Statement

For the past 50 years,
Kyu Nam Han has distinguished himself as an artist in Korea, 
the United States, and around the world.

Born in Incheon, Korea, in 1945, maestro Han studied art in various forms at Seoul National University (B.F.A. Western Painting; 1967 [in addition to Calligraphy courses]), the Ohio State University (M.F.A. Painting; 1977 [in addition to three years of M.F.A.-track Stage Design courses, beginning in 1972]), and
Joe Brown Sculpture Studio.

Kyu Nam Han simultaneously blends Western Modernism into the Far Eastern cultural context while interpreting Korean Traditionalism from within the contemporary Western paradigm.
He incorporates traditional values and methodologies into his avant-garde contemporary art, thereby synthesizing a cultural gene pool that hybridizes the Far Eastern isometric perspective with the Western linear perspective painting styles.
Another way of saying this is that he is a “genetic engineer in painting."

Han has searched for new generative sources within a global cultural context, striving to find a common foundation upon which to create a new way of making an art form, which, in art vernacular, can be deemed Modernist, Post-Modernist, or Neoclassical Modernist; Kyu Nam Han is both a Formalist and Multicultural Pluralist.

As a leading artist in contemporary art internationally, his critically-acclaimed works have been auctioned and exhibited by myriad prestigious auction houses and galleries around the world, respectively. Having been first Korean and now American, each for approximately half of his life, maestro Han currently resides somewhere in between Seoul and New York City.