Ki Ja Kwon

Time Accumulation, Ki Ja Kwon, 2019, Acrylic on Panel

Artist Statement

After setting up the canvas ,adjusting the appropriate viscosity of paint and oil, and taking some of the paint with my brush, I start to format my piece by removing the overlapping hardening paint that I had painted from the top to the bottom in a line. It is a work of cutting, stacking, re-stacking and applying appropriate amount of pressure to enter the dimensional, tactile and physical areas from the plane to the solid. It represents the layers of time that have accumulated through a long period of hours of hard work. Over time, solidified paint  builds up and adds energy and the work that is sensibly reconstructed is called ‘Time Accumulation’. As the workload increase, after artificially spraying and dripping the paint onto differently textured surfaces, the layers of paint are removed and stacked in a mold where they are then cut into regular interval sections and then arranged onto a panel. The process of changing, breaking, dreaming of freedom and growing in a series of works is the absolute value of oneself to solidify the creation of art.

Artist Timeline

M. F. A Dept of fine art Yeungnam University

Solo Exhibition (Twenty-six Times)

2019 Asan Gallery Invitation Exhibition (Korea, Asan)

2018 MOON101 Gallery Invitation Exhibition (Korea, Daegu)

         KIM BOSUNG ART CENTER Invitation Exhibition (Korea, Seoul)

         Paris 89 Gallery Invitation Exhibition (France, Paris)

2017 Suseong Artpia Invitation Exhibition (Korea, Daegu)

2016 Asan Gallery 10th Anniversary Invitation Exhibition (Korea, Asan)

2015 Park Av Gallery Invitation Exhibition (USA, LA)

        Wee Gallery Invitation Exhibition (USA, Scottsdale)

2012 J-one Galley Invitation Exhibition (Korea, Daegu)

        H-Galley Invitation Exhibition (Korea, Ulsan)

2009 Mulpa Space Invitation Exhibition (Korea, Seoul)

2007 Prado Gallery Solo Exhibition (Korea, Daegu)

2003 'Light' Ha Jeoung Woong Artist show (Korea, Gwangju Museum of Art Gwangju)

2002 Kwon ki-ja Invitation Exhibition (Korea, Daegu culture&Art Center 8,9,10) International Art Fair

2019 Korea International Art Fair 'KIAF' (Seoul, COEX 2003~2019)

         Korea Galleries Art Fair (Seoul, COEX 2003~2019)

2018 Busan Art Show (Busan, Bexco 2012~2018)

2016 Dubai International Art Fair (Dubai, Dubai-mall 2015,2016)

2015 Koeln Art Fair21 (Germany, Koeln 2012~2015)

2013 Scope Art Fair (USA, NY)

        Osaka Art Fair (Japan, Osaka)

2012 Beijing International Art Fair (China, Beijing, Convention center)

2010 Miami Art Fair (USA, Miami)

2007 Shanghai International Art Fair (China, Shanghai)

2006 Chicago International Art Fair (USA, Chicago) and 70th International Art Fair

Group Exhibition

2019 Gimhae International Biennale (Korea, Gimhae Art&Sports Center)

         Daegu Mongolia International Exchange Exhibition (Daegu, Su-sung Artpia)

         Sein Gallery Corporate Promotions (Seoul, Sein Gallery)

         Korea-China International Art Exchange Exhibition (China)  

2018 Brussels 'De Markten' ENCC Exchange Exhibition (Belgium, Brussels Art Center)

        WAK 2018 Exhibition (Belgium, Leoporsdburg Culture Center)

2017 Daegu Artist Association Invitation Exhibition (Deagu, Culture Art Center)

2016 Leader Clinic Doha Exhibition (Qatar, Doha)

        Asan Gallery Cheonan branch opening exhibition (Cheonan, Asan Gallery)

2015 Embassy of republic of Korea in Qatar National Holiday Festival (Qatar, Doha)

         Blowing Flags San Bernardino (United States,San Bernardino)

2010 10th Anniversary of the Ha Jeong woong Young Artists Invitation Exhibition (GwangJu, City Art Gallery)

2004 Exhibition Show 4 Artis Works Show Planned by SangGallery (Seoul, Sang Gallery)

         Korea Arts Culture education Service-Support artist selected Space

129 (Daegu, space 129)

2003 Ha Jeong Woong Young Artists Invitation Exhibition-Light '2003' (GwangJu, City Art Gallery)

         Korea Arts Culture education Service-Support artist selected Space129 (Daegu, space129)

         Daegu Invitation artist Art Exhibition and Many time group& invitation Exhibition


2019 Gimhae International Biennale Award for best artist

2018 Gumbom-sung arts center contest selection

         Selection of Belgium's ENCC Exchange Residence.

2005 Selection of Artist Excavation by the Seoul Art Center

2003 Ha Jeoung Woong Young Artists award (Gwangju, City Art Gallery)

2002 Speciality selected at Korea Grand art exhibition (National Museum of contemporary art)


Public Collections

South Korean Embassy in Qatar / Catholic Hospital / Maeil Newpaper

Company / Federation of business men / Multicultural Family Support Center /

Qatar Leaders Clinic


An Invitation artist at Grand Art Exhibition of Kor / An Invitation artist at Grand

Art Exhibition of Daegu A member of Daegu Modern Artist Association