Jong Hyun Kwon

Golden Moment, Jonghyun Kwon, Collage Mixed Media

Artist Bio

JONG-HYUN, KWON [U.S citizenship name: Elizabeth Jonghyun Kwon] was born in Seoul, South Korea and currently lives in New Jersey and works in New York, around Philadelphia, USA.

I am an artist and art educator with over 20 years of experience in the field of art. I have acquired the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Chung-Ang University in South Korea.

I have won many honorable awards, which include Grand Prix from the Sunhwa Arts School Concourse, the JW Young Art Award Special Selection, the 10th Contemporary Expressions of Korea Young Artists, the 22nd Korean Fine Arts Association, and others. I have selected exhibitions are Riverside Gallery in NJ;Artrie Gallery, Korea; KCC Gallery, NJ; Seoul Art Center, Korea; Hutcheson Gallery in NY; The Art in City Hall in Philadelphia ; Korean Cultural Center, New York NY and others.

I have many selected collections, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea, Pfizer company korea, saachi collections.

I dream and imagine a village and build a small utopia through my art pieces. I gathers scraps of papers and cloth, and then produces a collage of a dreaming village of my own community. The works contain purity and innocence, sometimes expressing a poignant state of isolation and displaces reality of contemporary society. 

Out of discarded objects like spangles, scraps of cloth and paper, I produce a collage work on canvas or hemp. I combine colors and cuts and put these objects together on the picture surface.

These tiny objects are assembled together to create a sort of microcosm, calling back the memory of my childhood village where houses were stuck together on the slopes of hills. In my neighborhood, varying size and looks were built very closely to each other.

I re-create a village of my own dream, a small utopia, where people are not affluent but are close to each other, sharing things and encouraging each other through each other's ups and downs of their lives. These pieces are put together by pasting or stitching to form a community of their own. The roofs, walls, and windows of the houses are replaced with scraps of cloth, corrugated paper, and PVC mirrors respectively.

My work can be interpreted as an extension of childhood plays and schoolroom art. My work retains its purity and innocence, yet gives a poignant statement on the reality of contemporary society filled with isolation, displacement, indifference, and alienation.

By these warm and ingenuous works, I also express my yearning for the co-existence and harmony of people from a variety of races, genders, social statuses, and wealth.


Artist Timeline


1995~1998 B.F.A. Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) Chung-Ang University - Seoul Korea

1999~2001 M.F.A. Master of Fine Art (Painting) Graduate School of Chung-Ang University - Seoul, Korea


2019- "VILLAGES " (Art Mora Gallery, 222 Main st, Ridgefield Park, NJ ,USA)

           Dream of the village” (ARTRIE Gallery, Sungnam, South Korea)

          “Dream of the village” (Judy Chang Law Firm: 640 E. Palisade Ave. 3rd Fl.  Englewood Cliffs NJ, USA)

2017- “ dream of the village” (Cherry Hill Public Library Gallery, New Jersey, USA) / (Riverside Gallery, Hackkensack, NJ 07601,USA)  

2015 - "Dreaming village" (KCC Gallery,100 Grove st, Tenafly NJ 07670, USA)

2014 - "Dreaming village" (Artrie Gallery , Kyungkido,Korea)

2014 - "Dreaming village" (Seoul Art Center , Seoul,Korea)

2010 - "Dreaming village" (KCC Gallery,40 Bennett rd, Englewood NJ 07631, USA)

2005 - "Manif11!05" (Seoul Art Center , Seoul,Korea)

2005 - "Dreaming village" (Gallery Lamer , Seoul,Korea)

2005 - "Dreaming village" (IN gallery, Seoul,Korea)

2004 - "2004ART SEOUL Ex.-Dream of Village" (Seoul Art Center , Seoul,Korea)

2003 - "Dreaming village" (Gallery Soriyun, Seoul,Korea)

2001 - "pictorial displacement of quotidian objects" (Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea)

1998 - "The 1st Solo Exhibition" (Sorabol gallery, Angsung,Korea)



2020 ART FAIR 14C (Hyatt Regency at Exchange Place, Feb.21-23 New Jersey, USA)

         February Invitational Show (Feb.9~Mar.7 2020, Waverly Street Gallery, MD, USA)

2020 Reminiscence - FT Gallery (Family Touch, 218 Main street, Little Ferry, NJ, 07643)

2019 MIAF 2019- Art Bridge: from New York to Myeongdong (Oct.18~20 L7 hotel, Myeongdong Seoul, Korea)

2019 BAMA- International Art Fair in Busan (Bexco, Busan, KOREA)

         Art Blooms Juried Art Exhibit (Croft Farm Arts Center, 100 Borton's Mill Rd, Cherry Hill NJ 08034, March24~April 07 2019) 


2018 SMALL WORKS GOS -(1020-1026,2018 The Cluster Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA)

         'Summer of Love' -(The Art in City Hall in Philadelphia, Room 116/ 0628~0824, 2018, USA)

         Spring collection (0425~0513 2018 Riverside Gallery, Hackensack, NJ, USA)

         Art Blooms Juried Art Exhibit (Croft Farm Arts Center, 100 Borton's Mill Rd, Cherry Hill NJ 08034, April 8~28 2018)

         "Looking Forward" - A Da Vinci Art Alliance Members Exhibition (April 4th -15th 2018)

         "Personally Speaking"-DVAA( IHP A juried art presentation of International House Philadelphia and Da Vinci Art Alliance 1/23/18 - 3/17/18) 


2017  PASSION. CONNECTED. 100 X 100. (Gallery KOREA 460 Park Ave. 6th Fl , NY, USA)

          Art Mora Opencall (artmora gallery 222 Main st, Ridgefield Park, NJ ,USA) 

          BAMA-Busan Annual Market of Art fair(bexco, BUSAN,South KOREA)

          SIAF-Seoul International Art Expo(Hall B1, COEX, SEOUL, South KOREA)

          SCAF art fair (Lotte Hotel, SEOUL, South KOREA)

          AAF- Affordable Art Fair Milano(Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27 Milano)

          "visual conjuction" - group show(riverside gallery, NJ, USA)


2016 SALON ART MORA 2016 NYC (artmora gallery 547 W 27th St NY, USA / 222 Main st, Ridgefield Park, NJ ,USA)

         "EXPRESSION-Special Thanksgiving"(riverside gallery, NJ, USA)

         "Glacial Forest“NARSFOUNDATION 5th AUCTION

         (NARS Foundation Gallery- preview NY,USA), (Tenri Cultural Institute New York NY,USA)

         The 29th Group Eunchae (Gallery Lamer , Seoul,Korea)

         'LA Art Show' (LA Convention Center, LA, USA)


2015 "2015 Affordable Art Collection Exhibition" (Riverside Gallery, NJ,USA)

         AHL FOUNDATION 12TH BENEFIT AUCTION (296 9th ave. New York,10001, NY, USA)

         "ECRIECTIC JUNCTION" (Riverside Gallery, NJ,USA)



2014 DAEGU ART SQUARE (2014.1112-16 EXCO, DAEGU)


         BAMA 2014 busan art market of galleries affair (Exhibition Hall 1, BEXCO)


         Fountain Art Fair (69 Regiment Amory Lexington Ave&25th st.NYC 10011)

         Pink art fair (COEX InterContinental Hotel, South Korea)


2012 Korea Galleries Art Fair (Coex Hall D, KOREA)

         Love & Bless (Severance Art Space, Seoul, KOREA)

         April 2012,severance hospital webzine cover


2011 Festival (Kips GALLERY New York, NY,USA)


         Prof.Ahn's special group (Insa Art Center,KOREA)


2010 GIGGLING BUBBLING- (DA GALLERY-149 W 24th St. #6FL New York, NY 10011)

         ART ASIA MIAMI Art Fair (Midtown2901 North Miami AvenueMiami, FL 33137 .Booth: D 17)

         KIAF2010 - Korea International Art Fair (Samsungdong COEX Hall, Seoul,Korea)

         28th Korea Galleries Art Fair (Exhibition Hall 3 of BEXCO, Pusan, KOREA)


2009 The special exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of Korean American

         Contemporary Arts LTD(460 Park ave. 6fl. NYC.USA)

         AAFNYC-Affordable Art Fair New York City- 2009 (7 West 34th ST. New York, NY U.S.A)

         SOAF-Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX Indian Hall Booth G-17 , Seoul)

         Waiting for the Spring (Artforum Newgate gallery, Seoul)

         NY Arts Magazine -Tips & Picks Directory


2008 Empty of the Alien 2 - New York (Hutcheson gallery, Brookville, New York, USA)

         The smalls (gallery SATORI, New York NY, USA)

         The Affordable Art Fair (The Altman Building / Metropolitan Pavilion 135 West 18th Street, NYC, USA)

         The literary essay - Cover

         Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism webzine - Cover


2007 Hello Chelsea! 2007- (PS35 Gallery,Chelsea NY, USA)

         Art Expo New York - (Jacob K. Javits Convention Center New York, USA)

         Korea Housing Builders Association Journal Interview


2006 The Power of Imagination - (Hyundai-Arts Center, Ulsan,Korea)

         Incheon Art Fair (Incheon culture & arts center, Incheon,Korea)

         Arts and Playing- "Funsters" (Seoul Art Center, Seoul,Korea)

         KIAF2006 - Korea International Art Fair(Samsungdong COEX Hall, Seoul,Korea)

         The newgate_east "Paintings not Quite" openning preview(The newgate_east gallery, Seoul,Korea)

         VOGUE Feature Story - 2006, SEOUL GALLERY

         Art Price Magazine - Artist Interview

         Since 1984 Monthly Art Magazine MISULSEGYE - Editor & Artist Interview


2005 The 10th Contemporary Expressions of Korea Young Artist's group ex.(lamer gallery,seoul,korea)

         Busan Lotte Art Fair (Lotte department store)

         Paris-2005, Exposition International d'art contemporain (OMBRE et LUMIERES,PARIS )

         KAF - Korea Art Festival (Sejong Art Center,Seoul,Korea)


2004 The 10th Contemporary Expressions of Korea Young Artists (Sejong Art Center,Seoul,Korea)

         The 9th Graduate School Alumni Exhibition "LIVES" (Dukwon Gallery,Seoul,Korea) 


2003 The 8th Graduate School Alumni Exhibition "LIVES" (Kwanhoon Gallery,Seoul,Korea)

         The 18th Group Eunchae-"red & green" ( Insa Art Plaza,Seoul,Korea)

         The 22nd Korean Fine Arts Association (National Modern Art Museum,Kwachon,Korea)


2002 Chung-Ang Univ.Alumni Exhibition Small Painting (Chung-Ang Art Center,Seoul,Korea)

         The 17th Group Eunchae (Lotte Department Art Gallery,Ilsan,Korea)

         The 13th Misulsegae Art Competition (Danwon Gallery,Ansan,Korea)

         The 21st Korean Fine Arts Association (National Modern Art Museum,Kwachon,Korea)

         The 16th Group Eunchae (Chung-Ang Art Center,Seoul,Korea)


2001 The 20th Korean Fine Arts Association (National Modern Art Museum, Kwachon,Korea)


2000 A Free Market of Artists (Shinchon Fieldwork, Seoul,Korea)

        The Exhibitions Mirror&I(eye) (Subway No.7, Sangdo Station,Seoul,Korea)

        Graduate School Study Group (Chung-Ang Art Center,Seoul,Korea)

        The 14th Group Eunchae (Seoul Art Center, Seoul,Korea)


1999 The 6th Graduate School Alumni Exhibition "LIVES" (Chongro Gallery,Seoul,Korea)

         The 13th Group Eunchae (Seoul Art Center, Seoul,Korea)

         The 2nd SPRING - A threshold of a New Century (Gallery Leehoo,Seoul,Korea)



National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

DongHae Pulp Co.

Joo, sung-min lawyer office

Lamer gallery

Pfizer company Korea

Saachi collection. 


2019 Art Blooms Juried Art Exhibit call for artist selected Artist- NJ,USA

2018 Art Blooms Juried Art Exhibit call for artist selected Artist- NJ,USA 

2016 Artmora Gallery opencall selected Artist- NY,USA

2014 The 4th JW Young Art Award special selection – SEOUL,SOUTH KOREA

2007 New York 'Hello Chelsea! 2007' selected Artist -PS35 gallery, NY,USA

2004 The 10th Contemporary Expressions of Korea Young Artists

2003 The 22th The Korean Fine Arts Association

2002 The 21th The Korean Fine Arts Association

2002 The 13th Misulsegae Art Competition 

2001 The 20th The Korean Fine Arts Association

1990 The 12th SunWha Arts School concours grand prix.