Ho Bong Kim

Dream Desire Oblivion - The Lackness 2, Ho Bong Kim, Oil on Canvas 

Artist statement

When I came to New York a long time ago, my first impression was black color and the cold winter which is bitter wind blowing from the Mediterranean Sea between building forests. Numerous Black Outfit New Yorkers bustle. The scene here felt like a scene from a movie. Since I was young, I especially enjoyed watching and listening to American movies, rock n 'roll and pop songs, it was a place of yearning that I wanted to go and see for myself, so I don't know if it is natural for me to feel that way. It is also true that I was excited to see Hollywood movie stars and famous artists there. That is why my current work includes famous artists.

Due to the unique area of New York where I live until now, the crowd with various faces of different races, the world that is reflected in their eyes based on them, and the people in my vision looking at them, where the crowd is heading and what they are waiting for and what they are living for. I often use black and white colors to distort and delete the environment surrounding the crowd, leaving it empty.

A butterfly that can be mistaken for a vague hope to the crowd, I put the butterfly into the crowd surrounding ' distorted space or empty white space, and but a meaningless number scattered in disorder signifies New York, the most symbol of capitalism on Earth, also selfish human desire. In the end, I think our lives are as empty as the space. We, like Samuel Beckett's play “Waiting for Godot," explore the meaning of life and eventually realize it's pointless, yet we live waiting for something like a vague hope or savior.


Artist Timeline


1995~96 New York University Graduate School, New York

1991~92 HONG-IK Graduate School, Seoul

1981~84 HONG-IK University, Fine Arts, Seoul


1993 Award of Special at MBC Broad casting ArtGrand Prize Competition,Center of Art, Seoul

1992 Award of Excellence at JUNG-ANG News paperArt Grand Prize Competition, Hoam gallery, Seoul

1992 Award at The Korea Art Grand Prize CompetitionNational Museum of Modern Art, Seoul

1991 Award at JUNG-ANG News paper Art Grand Prize Competition, Hoam gallery,Seoul

1990 Award at The Korea Art Grand Prize Competition,National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul

1990 Award at JUNG-ANG News paper Art Grand Prize Competition, Hoam gallery, Seoul

1990 Award at Dong-A News paper Art Grand Prize CompetitionNational Museum of Modern Art, Seoul

1989 Award of special at JUNG-ANG News paper Art Grand Prize,Hoam gallery, Seoul

Solo exhibition

2019 8th 4W43 Gallery, NewYork, NY

2018 7th Space Sun + ,Seoul

2017 6th Riverside gallery, NJ

2011 5th Gallery Bennett,  NJ, USA

2007 4th Gallery Bennett NJ, USA

1997 3rd Washington square east gallery, New York

1991 2nd Now gallery, Seoul

1989 1st Soo gallery, Seoul

Collaboration exhibition

1st "voiceless" Noho gallery, 1998, New York

2nd " voiceless" studioventicinque, 1999, Millano, Italy

Group exhibition

2019 NJSeoul: New Art from the Korean Diaspora, Gallery Bergen NJ

2019 Myung Dong Art fair,Seoul,Korea

2018 Etude, Riverside gallery, NJ

2016 Seoul - New York Project, Riverside gallery, NJ

2015 WOW,  ARTMORA gallery, NY,NY

2015 “Stories” KCC gallery, NJ

2013 Affordable art fair, Chelsea, NY

2013 LUMINOSITY, Radianceart gallery, west hollywood, CA

2012 "sense or non sense" Gallery Bennett, NJ

2007~2008 Winter 0708, Art Gate gallery New York,NY

2007 AWCA member show Art center Northern NJ, New Milford, NJ

2006 AWCA member show Bellski Museum Closter,NJ

2005 AWCA member show Fair Lawn Library, Fair Lawn, NJ fall art show ACC gallery,Fort Lee, NJ holiday show ACC gallery,Fort Lee, NJ

2003 spring show Parker gallery Fort Lee, NJ

2000 self & other , Gallery Korea, New York

1999 "New Millennium Show” Lindenberg gallery, New York

1998 "on threshold", Generous & Miracles gallery, New York

1997 Group Show, reggio gallery, New York

1997 This Media,NYU Cantor Media Center, New York

1993-92 "ORIGIN", Fine arts Center, Kwanhoon gallery, Seoul

1992 The Seoul Method Exhibition, Fine Art Center

1992-89 The Seoul contemporary Art Festival, Fine arts Center

1992-88 "Mass-9", Fine arts Center, Seoul

1991Development and Extention of Contemporary Fine arts,Kum-Ho gallery,Kwang-Joo

1990-92 "THE PHASE" Kwanhoon gallery, Seoul

1988-85 Hong-Ik Print Making group exhibition, Fine arts Center, Seoul

1990 "Dong-E 4333" Hyun-Dae gallery, Seoul1989 One Twelfth Exhibition, Kwanhoon

1989 Korea Contemporary of 30 Artists Exhibition, Berlin Germany

1989 Contemporary Art by 10 Artists, Cheongnam gallery, Seoul

1988 Contemporary Print Combined Exhibition,Hyun-Dae gallery, Seoul

1987 A time Expression 15 Artists Exhibition, Batanggol gallery, Seoul

1985 Frontier Art Festival, Seok gallery, Seoul

1985 BAHIA Papelarte Exhibition, Bahia, Brazil

Selected Public Collections

SAMSUNG ,Seoul Korea 1989,Seoul

Korean community Center, New Jersey, U.S.A.

One hope church, Teaneck, NJ 2006


Past: Teaching drawing at Sunhwa Art High school, Seoul (1987~1993)

Present : Teaching watercolor at Korea Community center at NJ

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               Columnist at nyculturebeat.com