HakChul Kim

The major talking point in Kim’s artwork is “Humanity”. The professional painting project “Story of Origin” is a long journey and epic for seeking the essence of mankind. The message that he wants to convey through his artworks, which depict human bodies, is the resistance against the loss of human nature. Moreover, His artworks engage with ways to preserve our human nature. He expresses the preciousness of human nature, which reveals itself through depicting human body parts without embellishment as part of nature. The human nature that he communicates with the optimism about human potential and in accordance with that caution of itself. He dedicates creative artwork with rooted agony for the completeness of artistic merit. He believes it can be full of vitality in the essence of Fine Art and painter. Especially, He is inspired by Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. He is learning the human beauty through Michelangelo, understanding lights and shade of the color through Rembrandt, and learning about the life of the artist through Van Gogh. He does not intend to be like them, He relates to their views of life, artistic presentation, and attitudes to art. It is austere purity or sublime for art and painter’s conviction and struggle.