Erica Kim

Oopsy Oopsy Lazee, Erica Kim, Etching

Brand Introduction

The birth of Oopsy Oopsy, the luxury brand that dreams of a harmonious and joyful lifestyle for everyone Oopsy Oopsy founder Erica Kim was born in Seoul, Korea in picturesque autumn of 1975. Erica’s mother always expressed that her maternal dreams while pregnant with Erica were unique and special, and her wishes for Erica to fulfill an extraordinary life started from birth. Erica studied in the United States as a youth and later pursued her dreams as an art student in New York, during which time her mother both worried about her young princess daughter and cheered her on from afar. Being the middle daughter of three children in between two boys and the only female in family surrounded by male siblings and cousins has had direct influence on my playfully boyish
yet feminine personality.
My parents raised me like a precious treasure, so I grew up as a rather reserved child who loved spending time reading literature and art. In my youth, my parents sent me to Portland, Oregon to study American culture and education, and it was there that I affirmed my faith in God and made many friends from diverse cultures. Thanks to these amazing and eye-opening experiences during my time in the United States, I became more outgoing and enthusiastic in my personality and this later contributed to my experiences as a designer. My maternal grandfather and one of the most important influences in my life was my grandfather, Park SiChoon. As a famous war-time composer, he was a beacon of the arts in South Korea. His music expressed the unified heartbreak and joy of the Korean citizens during the critical war periods of the early-to-mid 20th century. My grandfather’s music was instrumental in fostering and establishing the national identity and encouraging citizens to endure through one of the most painful eras Korea ever had to face in its history. His artistic influence and grandfatherly love directly and personally contributed to widening my own artistic vision, and under the loving guidance of my grandfather and my family, my passion for the arts flourished greatly.
My brand, Oopsy Oopsy was borne out of lighthearted and nostalgic remembrances between my mother and myself of my happy childhood. Each of my family members has his or her own unique personality quirks which I have reflected in the characters I have created to represent the brand. It is my passionate desire to use the experiences of my youth to personally impact the citizens of my country and the world in a positive way and to shed some light on the weary citizens of South Korea through a politically difficult time, much as my grandfather did. I am praying for a South Korea that runs on love and encouragement and reflects these values in each of our families. If I were to describe in a concise manner what makes Oopsy Oopsy unique, I would say it is the brand's vision of catering to and providing a sense of lasting joy and stability to a country that in the last several decades has been impacted by sudden economic growth and resulting societal movements and constant evolution as a country. In today’s modern and fast-paced world of global commerce, I believe that the secret to successful business is unending passion and perseverance as well as the humanistic goal of making a positive impact on people’s lives in your own unique way.
The Oopsy Oopsy brand’s philosophy is to convey the feeling of nostalgia and effervescence through the combined elements of reality and fantasy. Through hard work and collaboration with our talented craftsmen, I wish to promote Oopsy Oopsy as a mass luxury brand that reaches youthful hearts of all ages around the globe. I hope this letter provides a source of pleasant inspiration to you, and I encourage you to always cultivate your unique gifts and accomplishments to contribute to the betterment of our world. May you be blessed with joy and happiness in your journey through life.

Artist Timeline

1991 Immigrated to the United States

2000 Return to Seoul Korea

1999 Graduated Parsons School of Design Communication Design Major BFA

2000 ~ 2006 Scottish brand N.Peal Cashmere retail PR manager and MD associate

2013 ~ 2015 Namyang Providence Korea Arts and Culture development project Art Place Pleasure President

2019 Pink Art Fair Grand Intercontinental Hotel Seoul Personal Brand Tres Bien Launching

2019 Bang Bae Dong Salon de Amaz Performing arts exhibition

2019 Kim Dae Jung Art Center Kwang Ju Korea International Art Fair

2019 Ilsan Kintex Korea Arts International Art Fair