Chung Kim

BANDAGI, Chung Kim, Walnut and Cherry Wood

Artist's Statement

Korean traditional architecture retains a quiet elegance and attempts no ostentatious or majestic displays. The architecture contains subtle beauty and quiet dignity, yet presents strong confidence. Korean traditional furniture reflects the ambivalence of the architecture. Colors derived from nature, revealing the depth of passing years and can be never artificially or instantly produced. Without overwhelming the space and the human stature, the furniture embraces the history of a building and stands in the corner like a guardian of the house.
Most of my works are inspired by the tranquil beauty of traditional Korean architecture. I focus on combining elegant curves and simple straight lines of old roofs and the rustic furniture in an attempt to bring a modern sensibility to the ancient beauty.
I hope to realize the tranquil beauty in my work.
Inheriting traditional culture you are born into is challenging, especially in a foreign country where diverse cultures co-exist.
The freedom of expressing and representing my inherited Korean culture comes more naturally in a society where diverse cultures coexist respectfully.
At the same time, I take pride in preserving my native Korean culture.
No matter how long I live in America, I won’t be American. If so, what can I do next? I found my answer in mingling with others while contributing my best of talent. I learn about their culture and they understand my culture so that we can narrow down the cultural gap between us.
It is a wish and a contribution as an artist to further spread the refinement of Korean culture in our multicultural society.

Artist Timeline

Chung Kim



BFA: Hong Ik University (Seoul Korea)

MFA: Rinehart School of Sculpture, Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore MD)

2020- 2020 Lunar New Year Exhibition ‘A Good Beginning, Here’ (Flushing Town Hall, Flushing NY)

2019- 'NJSEOUL' New art from the Korean Diaspora (Gallery Bergen, Paramus NJ) 2004-2014 Furniture Maker at HANSSEM USA Corp. NJ

1995-Graduate Exhibition of Rinehart School of Sculpture (MICA Gallery, Baltimore MD)

1990- The 21st Exhibition of HONGIK Sculpture Association (Fine Arts Center, Seoul)

1990-'MADE IN KOREA' Exhibition (Dongduk Gallery, Seoul)

1989-'New Shape' Exhibition (total Gallery, Seoul)

1989-Hard Sculpture and soft sculpture' Exhibition (The youth Art Museum, Seoul)

1989- The 2nd 'Time and perspective' Exhibition (Doll gallery, Seoul)

1989-The 20th Exhibition of HONGIK Sculpture Association (Seoul City Art Museum, Seoul)

1988-'Time and Persp1989ective' Exhibition (Doll Gallery, Seoul) 1988-'S.A.M' Sculpture Exhibition (Total Gallery, Seoul

1988- 'The Contemporary Fine Arts-Acceptance of Situation' Invited Exhibition for Opening Ceremony (Chungnam Gallery, Seoul)

1988- 'Out of the Sculpture' Exhibition (Batangol Gallery, Seoul)

1988- 'DREAM OF HAN RIVER'-Installation work Exhibition (Citizen Park of Han River)

1988- 'NEW DIRECTION 1988' Exhibition (Yoon Gallery, Seoul)

1988- The 3rd Contemporary Fine Arts Grand Exhibition (The Third Gallery, Seoul)

1988-Received award from the 11th Central Fine Arts Grand Contest held by JUNGANG daily newspaper (HO-AM Gallery, Seoul)

1988- 'IDEA-SHAPE' Exhibition (Total Gallery, Seoul)

1988- The 19th Exhibition 0f Hong Ik Sculpture Association (Fine Arts Center, Seoul)

1988- 88 Seoul New Sculptures Exhibition (The Youth Art Center, Seoul)

1988-'26 Sculptor's Paper Works' Exhibition (Batangkol Gally, Seoul)

1987-Received an award from Sculpture Contest held by Seoul Daily News Paper (Seoul Gallery, Seoul)

1983-'Room-6 Artists' Exhibition (Arab Gallery, Seoul)