Byung Hyun Chon

Blossom Field, Byung Hyun Chon, 2020, Mixed Media (Korean Collage Paper, Marble Powder, Charcoal and Pigment on Canvas)


Artist Statement

I get all my materials from a farm near Seoul. It is a process where I grow the trees, harvest them and hand make the paper myself.

The process of making paper is a year-long process, so I cannot explain each step individually. However, if you check my Facebook and Instagram you will be able to see the step-by-step process.

All of the work starts by collaging (pasting) relief works, made of Korean paper, on the canvas.

I make a plaster relief disc by combine the shape with soil, after I finish that I put a thick sheet of Korean paper (the raw material form of Korean paper) on the plaster board. After removing the water with a sponge, I dry it for four days in the shade, peel it off and then stick the flour paste all over the canvas. After it is sufficiently dried, it is colored. For durability I mix neutral glue (kappa roll) with pigment. White stone powder prefers the milky white color, therefore I use only paint products from one company.

It is a paint made of marble powder. It is durable and has no discoloration, and as long as there is no dust, it is said to be permanent.

This work emphasizes surface reliefs, so even if it takes a long time to create, I am constantly working steadily.

The average production period is long, so I cannot exactly determine when the work will be done. Korean paper does not dry well in the winter, therefore during the summer and fall it is dried completely and perfectly and stored so I can use it in the winter.

I studied in Paris and have been using Korean paper since the 1980s. With one piece among my Blossom (Fully Blossomed-BLOSSOM) series, I started my own solo exhibition in 2007 until present day. This same piece that was exhibited in the past five solo exhibitions is the same style of work from the series made with Korean paper. 

When winter comes, the field where the frost falls sets the shape of dawn.


Artist Timeline

CHON Byung-Hyun (1957)

260-12 PhyuongChang-Dong Jonro-Ku Seoul Korea

Facebook/instagram < ssakgong >




Graduated École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris



Grand Prize, The 2nd Grand Art Exhibition of Korea,

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea


Predominant Prize, The 1st Grand Art Exhibition of Korea,

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibition & Group Exhibition

1984 Solo Exhibition Seoul National Arts Center, Korea/“Trace series 1980-1984”

1985 Open Studio, ‘Que de la Roi’ in Paris “Work 1984-1986”

1986 Figuration Critique, Grand Palais, Paris

1987 Awarded Artists Exhibition, Arts Council of Korea, Seoul

1989 Open Studio, Vitry, in Paris

1990 Solo Exhibition, Gana Art Gallery, Hoam Art Hall in Seoul

1991 Korean Art, Frank Hanel Gallery, Frankfrurt

1992 Solo Exhibition, Boulakia Gallery, Paris

1993 The 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul

1994 Solo Exhibition, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul

1995 Korean Contemporary Art, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

1995 DMZ, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul

1996 Solo Exhibition, Nathalie Obadia Gallery, Paris

1997 Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

1997 Pine Trees, Whanki Museum, Seoul

1998 Sensibility and Liberty, French Cultural Center, Seoul

1988 nauguration Exhibition, Gana Art Center, Seoul

2000 Solo Exhibition, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul

2001’1980’s Popular Arts and Its Era, Gana Art Center, Seoul

2002 Resident Artist of Gana Atelie, Insa Art Center, Seoul

2002 Appetite, Gallery Artside, Seoul

2002 Innumerable Changes: Spring Story, Gana Art Center, Seoul

2003 Open studio ‘gana studio’ exhibition

2003 ‘People aterier gana’ ‘Gana studio, ganaart center’

2004 Korean Painting: Past and Present, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2004 Atelier People, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul

2005 Yesterday & Today : Paintings of Korea, Seoul Museum of Art

2006 London ArtFair

2007 Solo Exhibition, Gana art Gallery, Seoul

2007 Art Show Dubai

2008 The 25th Anniversary Exhibition: The Bridge, Gana Art Center, Seoul

2010 Mayblossom, Gana Art Center, Seoul

2010 Solo Exhibition, Gana Art Center, Seoul

2010 Urbanization and Globalization: Korean Artists, Gana Art New York, New York

2012 Solo Exhibition, ILJU&SEONHWA Gallery, Seoul

2013 A Celebration “Ssakgong” Exhibition Insa Art Center

2014 Solo Exhibition,“Half Portrait-Human Tree” , Seoul Auction

2015 Solo Exhibition,“New Portrait-Seeing"ILJU&SEONHWA Gallery Seoul

2015 Solo Exhibition , Rho Gallery - Seoul

2016 Hongkong Art Fair, Ganaart Gallery

2017 Solo Exhibition, "apearing Series-Ganaart Center Seoul"

2018 India exhibition "Blossom"

2019 Paper shock, "Yangpyeong Museum"