Bong Jung Kim

Al Thorn Crown, Bong Jung Kim, 2019, Mixed Media on Canvas

 Artist Statement

My works from 204 to now are mainly about cyber addiction.
So the objects I use symbolically are mainly computer parts.
Cyber addiction not only renders my helplessness but also my family and neighbors. Additionally, it breaks the relationship with friends, and as a result, many of our important values are lost.
My newly created works represent AI Robots.
In the future, it is said that AI robots will be developed beyond our imagination.
Among the many AI Robots, if there are AI Robots who are addicted to the wrong side, What will humans mean to AI Robots?
Will AI Robot gods appear in the world of AI Robots?
Among these two works 
AI Robot is a work that represents an addicted AI Robot and AI Thorn Crown is a work symbolizing the AI Robot Jesus they believe in the AI Robot world.

Artist Timeline



1962 Born in Seoul Korea

Since 1990 Lives and Works in NY as an Artist


B.F.A   Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


2019  "Cyber-Addiction” Riverside Gallery, New Jersey

2017 “ Temptation” Paris Koh Gallery, Chelsea, in New York City

2016 “Cyber-Addiction” President’s Gallery in John Jay College, New York City

2015 “Museum of Contemporary Art, Crete, Greece

           “Cyprus House(Ambassador) in Athens Greece

2014 “Addiction” Elga Wimmer-Hyun Contemporary, Chelsea, New York City

         “Traces” Riverside Gallery, New Jersey

2012 “Oblivion” Gallery Oms, New Jersey

         “Traces” Gallery 1&9, New Jersey

2011 “Time of Red and Traces” Riverside Gallery, New Jersey


2019 "FLAG Art Group Show" Nine On The Hudson Port Imperial, West New York, NJ.

2018 “Arirang Grace” Hammond Museum, New York

2016 “Art Hamptons”

2015 “Black Power” D’ARTE, , Chelsea, New York

2014 “Elements III”, Dream Rose Gallery, Monroe, New York

         “8 Holes” Flushing Town Hall” New York

         “Shades of time” Queens Museum of Art, New York

         “Heart of Gold” Nabi Museum of Art, New Jersey

         “Verge Art NYC”, Soho, New York

         “Shades of time” Gallery Korea in Korean Cultural Service, New York


2013 “Happy Together” Elga Wimmer PCC, Chelsea, New York

         “Introspection” Tenri Gallery in Tenri Cultural Institute, New York

         “Walk” Flushing Town Hall New York

         “Variations on the Canon” COOHAUS ART, Chelsea, New York

         “Element” COOHAUS ART, Chelsea, New York

         “Asia Contemporary Art Show” Hong Kong


2012 “White Market” Gallery Oms, New Jersey

         “Loud Imagery, Quiet Words 2012” Gallery1&9, New Jersey

         “Korean Art Show 2012” New York


2002 “Pulse” Gallery Korea in Korean Cultural Service, New York

1998 “The day and night transparent” Asian Arts American center” New York

  “The 1990 Exhibition” Seoul, Korea