"Abyss String" by Soo Yon Kim, 2018, Mixed Media, 63 x 63 in.

"Abyss String" by Soo Yon Kim, 2018, Mixed Media, 63 x 63 in.

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Original Artwork.

Soo Yon Kim

Title: Abyss String, 2018

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimensions: 63 x 63 in

Artist Statement

‘visualization of essence’ This is my research task and experiment. A society or
organization made up of people is compared apiece of cloth and becomes a
person who weaves a cloth in the work. lt is idea that humans with various
social needs can never live alone, and this is the center of relationship. In the
work, it is actually crossed, showing various colors and textures, and also
cotains knots made in the process of connecting colors and colors. The
entangled and woven form is thought to be a dilution or exchange of invisible
emotions between people and people, and became a material of formative
expression. Humans continue to grow their happiness through relationships.
Material abundance may be an axis of happiness, but I gradually learn that the
main force that supports my life today is in relation to those who pray for me.
Like a thread that connects and supports each other in the work, l think that
someone are living today because of me.